PS4 5 years strong for what? Welcome to the Chronic Kings

What are your top two things you look for in a crew before joining?

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Welcome reader,

I'm part of The Chronic Kings a Rockstar verified crew. What's a verified crew? If you haven't heard of it, it's usually a crew which has had more than 4 years activity that could of started with the release of Max Payne 3, 6 years ago.

A Verified crew has a star on it's socialclub page and also, in game has a little rockstar symbol next to the crew tag. (It took me two years to even realize wth it was!) ... it's awarded to crews who have stood the long haul. So guess what, we aren't going anywhere ;)

Not only are we active on a lot of social media platforms but we have been mentioned in the rockstar newswire a few times aswell as a popular gaming website Kotaku for our style. Rockstar follow us on Twitter and regularly RT AND interact with our crew, inviting us onto their live streams when we are lucky enough!

The crew is mainly broken down into two. Shooting and Snapmatics. We do have crew nights where we meet as a crew and do playlists of all types. But the majority of us enjoy free roam and watching each other's back while we get up to some crazy (sometimes sober) ish.

We have a lot of gamers who like taking gta5 pics and they get a lot of exposure on our social media platforms. If you like shooting pics or shooting players this could be the crew for you.

We love open lobbies. We love protecting each other. We love making money. We hate crew killing. We like helping our crew mates rank up, make money and most importantly having fun together.

We are like a family sort of club. Appealing to the average gamer all the way to the person who just wants to get better so puts more time into the game. We pride ourself on teamwork and getting better at the game. So if you have no interest in co ordinating.. or shooting in game. This might not be the crew for you.

Mature players only please. Who are looking for an established crew and understand basic crew rules like no crew killing and helping each other in game. We want to help players get better, and find players who can help us get better. If your looking to wear a crew tag with pride. Uphold basic polite gamer ethics. And find laid back, chilled gamers who you are passionate about gaming not egos but STILL smash a lobby up... you gotta check us out.

If you want to know more feel free to hit me up on here or in game.

Wether with us or someone else. I hope you find the crew your looking for and they enhance your gameplay so you enjoy it more! That's what a crew on GTA is about. Sharing the fun and helping where necessary.

Cheers to that.

Checkout my crew page here:

Checkout our crew Twitter here

Happy gaming. And I will see some of you in game

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B2B missions and heists with the crew today. This update has left a lot of us in need of $$$$ !! Come join us if your a good driver or heist player
Just want to give a huge thank you to the team at GTAV CREWS . COM for the platform. We have had a small influx in good quality members thanms to you guys and they are all enjoying the crew!
Just want to give a huge thank you to the team at GTAV CREWS . COM for the platform. We have had a small influx in good quality members thanms to you guys and they are all enjoying the crew!
And you'll get more. I've gotten a ton of good quality players here. Only one piece of shit, but he was an annoying racist. It wasn't this site's fault I didn't properly vett him. But tons of good ppl (over time) keep your post up and current. thanks for being here
Do you join the elites or the regulars and whats the mic population like?
You join the elites if your a ps4 player and like shooting or taking snaps. But welcome to join both.

Mic population is good in game with regular crew party chat rooms.

To be invited to participate in Crew head2heads and some events a Mic is a must, for co-ordination and communication.
We will be having an open enrolled weekend this weeknd for anyone who wants to join a ready established crew ! Lookin for new chill people to come join the family
Hello, I am interested in joining your crew. I was wondering if you play in freeaim or assisted aim lobbies? Thanks
Mostly assisted aim but we do have some members who play free aim. We are a Assisted aim crew though who mostly hang in n9n free aim lobbies.

Happy New year.


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Okay thanks for your response. I'm looking for a freeaim lobby as I have a strong hatred for assist aim lol.

I know it's a stretch but... Do you have any ally crews in freeaim lobbies?

Happy New year to you too.
For sure. The Damned MC are a great crew. Another official rockstar crew who we have played with and have a good backbone.

If you have Twitter I can get you guys in touch on there?


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What's up, you guys still recruiting? I took a long break from GTA V so my rank is pretty low, but I have a ton of experience on the game and just looking for a crew that I can fit in with