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    AF2CED97-719B-4F46-BAE7-AABE03D1265F.png Ace of spades Mc is 2 years strong!
    1 percenter, free aim, brotherhood of bad motherf%#kers!

    We’re looking for new blood to join our club! Anyone interested message me on psn at Slcolli-717

    Breakdown as follows
    2 week minimum support crew
    2 week minimum as Prospect

    Must be willing to attend weekly support/prospect meetings, and learn our club history, hierarchy, Rules, and heritage! We are a tight knit group of players who are only growing stronger! With 3 charters across San Andreas, and a National charter of members who oversee the club, there will always be spots for strong willed, loyal members. If you play auto aim, don’t worry. We can teach you the 1 percent way!!!

    Hit me up if your interested

    Richman chapter Vice President,
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