Xbox One Delta Recon Forces Looking for Recruits or Veterans

Delta Recon Force is an Elite Military Crew that has been around since about 2016. We have gone through a lot of changes over the years and have done many things. We have remastered the Crew's image on Xbox One and are now beginning our conquest to become a recognized army. We are currently Looking for Recruits to join our ranks and train with us and become Delta Operators and even Someday Task Force Commanders. We assist other crews and our own by performing Assault, Protection Services and more listed on our website. We Have an Xbox Live Club for you if you decide to join. To rank up in our crew you must train and perform missions with Higher ranking Units and Show up to Weekend Training Sessions. If you prove your ready, you'll receive the next rank.

When you go through our website also, make sure to sign up for the Weekly Newsletter so you can stay up to date on what is going on with the crew.

Note: We now have a Website you can go to actually check us out. This post is not outdated but I highly Recommend check out our new Website as it has everything you need and more.

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Thank you to those who have seen the message. As a further update we will accept you after you message my Profile and Answer a Automated Questionnaire. We will then review and if Green Light you will get a Invite to a Xbox Club: Delta Recon Forces, and our Discord Server.
So, how many actual veterans are in your crew?
Is this like an RP crew or just themed? Lastly, and most importantly I am a veteran and I've been through basic I would be livid about some pimple faced fuckboy screaming at me like a wannabe drill sgt.
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We are chill not exactly RP oriented but just Military Themed. We don't do stuff like that... I never believed in yelling at people, especially in a virtual video game. I just give people a purpose, makes some money, make some buddies, have some fun.
That's cool, nothing like a wannabe soldier who is too young to buy a beer yelling at me to give me homicidal idealtions lol. I'm glad that's not how you roll. Theres been some activity in the xbone crewless section make sure to take a look at them
Update I have made a Website for our crew that will surely make things much easier. Everyone can visit it, and even sign up for a newsletter that will keep you up to date on things happening in Delta Recon Force. It is still a Work in Progress but it %90 done.

If you missed the link above.
DRF Website
Update We have had a good number of new Recruits Join. For this we will now have enough people to have a good Training Event and Fun Missions planned for the road ahead. Help be apart of a Growing Community of Players all under one task force... Delta Recon Force.
Delta Recon Force is now Recruiting full time again for the 2019 year from here on out and we are reinstated as a PMC. Any applications made Jan 1 - Jan 9 are going to need to be resent sadly.


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David Mason, Commander of DDSF here. We would like to be able to arrange a meeting on the terms of a possible alliance. If you would be interested, message me on Discord-David Mason#1077 or Xbox- Randomo99