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GTA Gotham Knights
is a newer crew name we started back in July of 2018
currently has over 40 members and growing weekly

We are currently looking for Active
GTA Online Members that play on the PS4 Systems

just visit the GTA social club link below

we also have a ps4 community page called GTA Gotham Knights Crew Page to ask for help, etc and find crew members that are online playing GTA 5 daily as well to be able to find team member's online alot easier.

We have an awesome logo as well for you to display on your jackets, cars, etc

We have many members that play GTA Online daily currently and love to help others
We run all Ceo, MC, Heist and Missions to help others earn RP and Earn Money
We help others with selling & presupposing goods for there business

We host weekly Carshows and Nightclub Events
as well and do many other fun stuff as well

My GTA Online Rank is 347 currently as of 10/11/2018 and grows weekly
we have several members over the 100 rank as well that love to help others

We welcome all players from level 1 - 999
(excepted modded accounts they will be kicked)

Reasons to Join GTA Gotham Knights

We are still and active team in 2018 and there are thousands of dead crews in gta 5 which don't do anything to help one another or do anything together.

However, with GTA Gotham Knights its way more than just playing chief with us. Its about working as a well oiled machine and working as a TEAM. While helping others learn and grow while becoming a millionaire in GTA 5 online.

We all spend multi hours a day purely helping crew members with sales, rank faster, etc. still in 2018

All of our commissioners (co-leaders) help people a lot on daily basis. We do it with pleasure. But do realize that if you actually want to make a difference in the crew you're in: work hard for it. It does not come for nothing. Even tho its just a game.

Benefits for players that join GTA Gotham Knights

  • We're excepting everyone. As long as they can communicate in English, DO NOT MOD of any kind, and follow the rest of our rules listed. Which are mostly common sense and nothing strange. Timezone, type of player, times online, all of that does not matter to us.

  • We Help others make sales and protect them to make it a safe environment for them selling stuff.

  • We enjoy helping others complete there Heists Missions Old ones and new ones better or even huge % payouts since some of use are already (legit) rich enough.

  • We all love to give advise about vehicles, etc. We own a lot, and pretty much every vehicle in-game that even matters. You may take are vehicles on a test ride before you buy and visit the many offices and business before your purchase as well.

  • Willing to give help and advise about weapons, ammo, outfits.

  • Tips on gameplay, etc

  • Advise about making money, what to buy and do and what to stay away from.

  • General tips and tricks which we picked up in the thousands of hours of game experience within GTA.

  • We hold weekly carshows and Nightclub events for members to meet new members as well as recruit new members into our crew.

  • Personal attention. It sounds weird perhaps, but being human, getting to know your members a bit, saying hi every time, send/reply to messages and show the human interaction is important to us. We don't have to be 'BFF' with all our members, but we try to give that personal touch as often as possible. People want to be felt welcome and not ignored, or just another number.

  • Are Goal is to keep a drama FREE CREW. We can have decent real life discussions, as well as lame jokes about pretty much everything. We're a true brotherhood. Looking to make your GTA gaming experience a lot of fun and entertaining.

Below is are the GKNT Rules that are crew follows

  • GKNT Crew Rules
  1. NO Hate speech - any forms of hate speech such as Racism, Religion, Homophobic Insults, Sexism or Name Calling. These have no place in GKNT for this.

  2. Modding or Hacking of ANY KIND even if your "friend" did it to gain an unfair advantage, this not only creates unfair advantages for members but causes issues in game play for other members as well creates game lag as well and you will get you banned by gta.

  3. GKNT does not encourage or support the use of mods of any kind do so at your own risk on your own time.

  4. We prefer to keep Swear words to as minimum as possible on mics, Thanks

  5. Be polite and respectful with other crew members. Disagreements will happen but keep them constructive and in private. If you're told you've offended someone apologies and move on.

  6. If Leave constructive reviews for jobs. Etc if you CAN’T say anything Nice DON’T say anything at all!

  7. No Screaming on mics or Playing Music so loud members cant hear one another during game play.
Outside and Within events

  1. Do not kill crew members in freemode. The crew circle should be a mark of safety. If you kill someone by accident a simple apology will usually suffice. This includes fighting for crates or collecting bounties (but most crew members don't mind if you collect their bounty if you ask them nicely first).
    • If both players agree beforehand e.g. for daily objectives, asking before taking a bounty.

    • In freemode events, but only those that require killing e.g. Hunt the beast, hold the bag/vehicle, King of the castle. If you don't wish to participate in these go into passive mode.

    • If in Freemode and a crew member keeps getting killed by another player multiple times feel FREE to go help that crew member out.
  2. Do not wear modded or glitched clothing with the exception of mask/ helmet/ glasses glitches. Modded items such as invisible clothing, invisible car parts, other exploit clothing glitches exploit the game code in a way that potentially spoils the game for others (e.g. by making the game less stable and causes game lag and gives you an unfair advantage. PLEASE NO MODS, THANKS
    Examples: Cop uniforms, adversary mode outfits, garbage clothing, any invisible clothing aren't allowed.

  3. Final Rule Teams the get along always play well together.

  4. if you find that any member breaks the rules above message slgps there user name and they will be kick asap.
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