PS4 GTA5 Gaming presents WYLD RIDERS MC! (Join Now)


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Players wanted for new PS4 MC WYLD RIDERS MC

We're a new MC based on respect, fun and loyalty. We love making money, we love having fun and getting into battles with tryhards.

We’re looking for mature, active players who enjoy playing GTA5. As it’s new, there are lots of opportunities up for grabs and you can really make a name for yourself. So if you’re 18+, have a ps4 and gta and would like to play then apply now. We use Discord to manage the community, so you’ll need to install that on your phone/tablet (it’s free to use).

The MC runs M/W/F/Sa 7.30PM UK. We plan on having a UK/EU chapter and then building a US chapter.

To apply, click this link:

See you there!
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We're still recruiting UK/EU ps4 players for our main crew.
We're still looking for US players for our 2nd crew which we haven't split out into yet.