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Rockstar has just released a patch that has destroyed any opportunity for mods in either single or multiplayer. And if you've been keeping up with modding in the community, you would know that the modders have come quite far with what little they've had. What are your thoughts on this?


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I don't mind modding as long as it doesn't allow a clear advantage over other players, unfair gains, and literally screwing up the game for everyone else.

I really love the mod community for skyrim and other games. I really think that the same sort of modding should happen with GTA V on PC. Consoles should not have modding imo, because it clearly gets screwed beyond belief lol


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Honestly, seeing as I am such a huge motorcycle fan and I run an MC and all that, I'd love to even see DLC like the Lost and Damned. Maybe get a spin off DLC for them and the Ballas? At least at a reasonable price, I'd pay.
malicious modders in GTAO piss me off. I've had them call me stupid for playing legit. I don't like the fact that they have unbalanced the game and completely obfuscated benchmarks. Small signs that let you know where a person is at in their gameplay, or historic perks showing how long a person has been around. for example If I see someone with a chrome adder I would assume that they have won over 50 races and have earned at least a million dollars. Thanks to malicious modders there are no true benchmarks. People duping and generally acquiring content that is no long available robs the seasoned vets of the very small opportunities to have something original or rare to call their own. You wanted a Roosevelt, a hammer, a tommy gun, a fireworks launcher, a cargo bob? well you should have been there when it was available. loyalty has it's perks. Or I guess you could just glitch it in and pretend you somehow deserve it or earned it at level 25.

However, if someone was to modd on their own time and only affecting themselves I couldn't have a care in the world. Hackers lead to innovation and innovation is good for the community. But gifting yourselves billions, god mode, blowing up everyone in the lobby, destroying cars, obstructing garages thats just shit and I hope those people get herpes. But I don't feel the same with some assclown running around LS with a pot plant on his head, he/she isn't hurting the community. If I could sacrifice the pothead (literally) to get rid of the rest then GOOD RIDDANCE!
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I remember when I was in a lobby with modders and they kept calling me a noob when I couldn't kill them lol. They had a flying car and put a UFO on my head, too. Honestly, I just try to make fun of it. If I want to play normally I can just join another game.