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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by HordeDragon666, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Hello everyone that is reading this I am the founding member and President of Horde Bandits MC crew and I am wanting to get back into GTA online but also want to expand my friends list on both XB1 and PC. I have a discord channel up and running along with the crew RSSC page, attached is the current crew emblem however I am always open for changes at this current time I am the only member, I am wanting to secure the 4 remaining high ranks of a MC; Vice president, Sargent at Arms, Enforcer and Road Captain. Those 4 remaining ranks mentioned will be commissioners and always have that rank (if I'm running as President), I need to be able to trust those high ranking members to keep the MC/crew running and keep the peace, Prospect running is 1 month run(muscle rank in crew) once this is completed will run a simple task to show that your ready to become patched as a full time member (rep tier in crew.)


    Discord channel:

    RSSC crew page:

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