Xbox One Insaniac Gaming Roleplay

IG Airassault54

'Roleplay Moderator'
Gamertag= QUEENofSHEBA122
Mic= Yes

Roleplay Experience= None

Availability= some Weekdays and weekends all day depends on if something comes up

Timezone= US:Central standard time

Previous Clans or crews= still in Nike crew
Pleasure to see your interested in the community :) Make sure you join our discord link so you can get involved in the community

IG Airassault54

'Roleplay Moderator'
Gamertag= WillowRaven618


Roleplay Experience= None but really interested.

Availability= Weekdays after 4 pm Weekends Whenever.

Timezone= Central

Previous Clans or crews= none
Gamertag= Callmefish101


Roleplay Experience= new

Availability= everyday whenever am & pm

Timezone= Daylight time

Previous Clans or crews= IGN
Gamertag= tropicAAA


Roleplay Experience= None

Availability= Evenings and weekends

Timezone= England

Previous Clans or crews= None

I have messaged you guys all on XBL.. Make sure you all message me back and add me as a friend.. Best place to get involved is on the discord
Gamertag: SlaminSamMan
Mic: Ye
Roleplay Experience: none but ready to have some
Availability: Monday-Sunday in the afternoon
Timezone: Mountain
Previous Clans/Crew: none
Gamertag= Deathstrikex728


Roleplay Experience= New

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends 8 am - 4 pm (varies)

Timezone= Eastern standard

Previous Clans or crews=Crewless
Gamertag= thedementedlamb

Mic= Yes

Roleplay Experience= I have done text roleplays for the past 10 years with my best friend but I'm not sure if that counts?

Availability= Depends on the day. Mostly nights as I work midday shifts at our local hospital (typically 5-12am, sometimes 8p-6a or 10p-6a)

Timezone= Central

Previous Clans or crews= Nightwolf Pack (NWPK on R*)