Xbox One Liliths Kiss ~ New Crew | 18+ Mature | MC/Security

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    We at Lilith's Kiss are seeking for able men & women to join our crew!
    No matter if you are a new fresh meat starting out in GTA or a scarred veteran looking for a crew to join.
    We'll welcome you with open arms!

    Yes, we are a new crew.
    We have MC/Bunker/Security Work & much more! We've got the firepower, now we need the manpower!

    Must be the Age of 18 or older to join our crew. Must have a microphone ready for use. Due to obvious mature rating and also because we'll be a mature 18+ focused only crew.

    We'll be running just about anything but the majority will be MC/Security work to earn high $$ & weaponry for our crew!

    If interested in joining, apply through our social club or send me a message on XBL: Hazy Lunar.

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