PC Looking for a crew


Looking for:
PC Only players.
Mature Team work oriented players.
Use Discord or Team Speak
Looking to give/get help with CEO & MC missions and heists.
Serious Roll Play crews

Not looking for:
Elite only crew.
Modders or Try-Hards.

Age: 16+
Mic: Yes
Time Zone: ADT
Day's 6 PM - 11PM
All Weekend


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Dark Promises MC are recruiting now!

On the 11th of June 2018, Dark-President, a Northerner of the UK, created a Motorcycle Club made for riding and creating a family of brothers and sisters with no boundaries. Dark Promises MC [DARK] is a 1%er MC that typically likes to bond with others more than fight, but will be ready to fight whenever need be. The majority of the MC is based in the UK, this includes the President, V. President and a few others. However there are a number of members all across Europe.

DARK does not discriminate a persons race and forbid people from joining because of their nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. A brother is a brother and a sister is a sister, no matter what the differences. We treat everyone equal, respect equally and love equally. A club is nothing without loyalty, and here at DARK we take loyalty very seriously. One other thing we take seriously upon our list of subjects is our honor. We fight other MC's as 1%er's. In that GTA Online MC Community, a 1%er club is a club that follows a strict set of rules in combat; a member of a 1%er club fights using only weapons such as the Assault Rifles, Pistols, SMG's and Melee weapons, sometimes with the exception of Pump-Action shotguns. A club that uses anything other than these weapons are known as 99%. We take this very seriously.

As a traditional MC, we only ride Choppers. Sports bikes, Dirt bikes and anything other than a Chopper is prohibited...unless if you're being punished and are made to ride a pink Faggio all the way to Paleto Bay.

EST. June 11 2018
PC Exclusive

Our website: https://rev-the-dev.wixsite.com/darkpromisesmc
GtaVcrews post: http://gtavcrews.com/index.php?threads/dark-promises-m-c-16-serious-m-c.14883/#post-66079
Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dark_promises_mc/wall
Basic Rules: https://rev-the-dev.wixsite.com/darkpromisesmc/bylaws
Application: https://rev-the-dev.wixsite.com/darkpromisesmc/join-us

Discord: https://discord.gg/weKAVXS
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