Lost & Damned DLC For GTA 5

I think Rockstar should add a DLC similar to that of the Lost & Damned. In my opinion that was the best DLC's released in a long time...Does anyone else want a Lost & Damned DLC to be add to GTA V Storymode?

The Lion

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i think it'd be cool if they put out some kind of indoor dlc. By indoor i mean something that would allow us to enter more buildings and perhaps purchase things in more places as well.


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I wanted a story mode dlc but, during a recent interview, the CEO said they never confirmed a story mode dlc...
Looks like we may never get that. I am certain there will be plenty more DLCs and possibly similar DLCs to Lost and Damned.


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Exactly what I want and if you finished the story there totally can be a DLC from it. So I'm kinda waiting and hoping for that.

The Lion

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hell yeaa, all the diff characters... Like Steve Haines the FIB dude. Or Martin Madrazo, basically GTA 5's scarface. I'd even play as Jimmy lol. The list goes on there are so many characters to choose from.

Nugsy 1

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As President of an MC crew you'd think I'd be all for it but TBH - I couldn't care for any story mode DLC.
ONLINE is where it's at, with your mates, as a crew and hell yeah - I want a biker DLC for GTAO, sod story mode.
More bikes, biker clothing etc.

Found a modder doing these vests:
but we still need it legit with more kit, more bikes..... I could go on.
As President of an MC crew - I would like to see a biker story mode DLC.
And yes ONLINE with your mates, is the best part of playing I all so want a biker DLC for GTAO, sod story mode.
More bikes, biker clothing,tattoos,acess to the rest of the night club ,a club house that i can put my crew logo on

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
There's been talk of late about a possible biker DLC coming our way.

MrBossFTW (the knob on youtube) has several videos up of like 15 minutes duration & giving a whopping 30 seconds of relevant information on the subject.

There is coding already in the game from recent downloads that give clues to biker content and people are all excited by this.

HOWEVER - My money is on us all being let down big time. The latest news is that tied in with this 'biker coding' are event triggers which suggest that they're merely freemode events and very unlikely to be for a DLC.

I would love to see us MC's catered for a little better. Sure we have two cracking new bikes and some awful new helmets (though the visor animation's cool), but we are so in need of biker clothing and the ability to put our patches on any item. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I very much doubt we'll get it - yet.

Remember this - GTA 6 is due in 2018. We have until then for updates and DLC. It could be in the pipeline for next year? Then again they could be saving it for GTA 6. Now wouldn't that be something?


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I agree, Nugsy. I think the whole 'leaked code lines' is hype and nothing more, just things that were noticed when they unlocked content for the Stunts DLC (which included two new chopper style bikes, the Gargoyle and the Cliffhanger). It would be great to see some Biker DLC for online, and they have all the stuff available from story-mode content already. Beards, tattoos, kutties, etc. Add new bikes, new clothes, new hair styles, tattoos, more bike customisation (would love to be able to take the Lost logo off the Daemon seat).