CotM New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

Get ready ladies I'm going to make a video for this lol. I'm not trying to win I'm going to set the bar. Better raise it before the gavel falls. I need my crew to feed my project so it may take until tomorrow
If you want to join cool and chill crew join our crew !
we are very friendly and helpful crew that will help in anything you need.
we are active crew and everyday admins and moderators are online and can help you or answer your questions
if you have any ,feel free to join our discord server :
our crew on social club :
also you can recommend our crew to your friends !

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
It's not died, nor is it monthly.
TBH it's just a bit on the quiet side around here so any crew/group can work on standing out for selection right now.