Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

RESTLESS MC is very nearly 4 years old... and we will probably have a public open night during our anniversary weekend. Possibly a bike meet, followed by some crew-created TDMs and races just for fun. Hit us up if you might be interested in celebrating with us! Individuals or small groups only please, as we'll need to fit in a party/session. ...... All welcome, except members of "rip-off" or SoA MCs.

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
Just so you know - When people contact me, looking to join I will respond if I see you in GTAO.
If you only send a friend request with no message , it will go un-reciprocated.
If you message & then spend all your time in Monster Hunter, it will go unanswered.
We do GTA - All the time.

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
A polite reminder to those that find us through a Google search, find this thread & contact me in game :

You MUST be over 18 with a mic!

So many don't read that bit.
Shaping up to be another very active year for Restless MC.... we just completed our latest round of in-crew "Challenges" - after race creations, fastest "hot laps", demolition derbys, drag racing, budget custom car competitions and deathmatches, we ended our latest round with a rock star dress-up challenge!

If you'd like to be involved in the truly independent MC life as well as join the laughs and banter that come with being a member of one of the closest-knit crews in San Andreas, post up your GT or message a member.

Minimum 18 years old with mic only please.
Restless is still going strong, with another new prospect in our midst this week, come join in with one of the tightest crews in SA!

Minimum 18 *with* mic please.

Marks Restless MC's official One Year Anniversary!

In the space of year, we have become an established MC within the community, we have found a close-knit circle of people whom we call brothers, and we have kept this club growing and stable.

We are active daily, and are always either riding, racing, or killing. Along with a healthy dose of goofing around, we have found a pretty sweet formula.

If you fancy being a part of this, and are ready to put in the time and effort, then perhaps we too will call you our brother.
I would like to join
well happy anniversary Nugsy!

Anyone who is seeking a MC crew I encourage you to contact Nugsy and see what he has to offer.
Considering all the crews on gtavcrews are in competition for fresh recruits, you should take note that this crew's competition comfortably recommends that you join up and try them out.
Can I join