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SADRP is a xbox one Role Play group founded on January 3rd of 2019 by Owner Cody, since then we have officially hit 150+ members.
SADRP comes with Role Play sessions that are very serious and fun.

Departments Within LEO
In our Role Play server these are the departments that we offer to everyone:
Los Santos Police Department -Patrols the entire city when doing state wide & city wide AOP.
Blaine County Sheriffs Office -Patrols from the vine wood sign and up to Paleto.
San Andreas State Police -Patrols the highways that circle the map.

More Available Departments
If LEO Emergency Services departments are not for you, we have:
San Andreas Fire & EMS Department -Have choice between stations 1-7 no matter the AOP.
911 Communications -Has a very well map Cad Page this is very easy to navigate on.
Civilian -As a civilian, the opportunities are close to endless, it really shows how creative a person can get.

Field Training Officer
Gang Unit
Public Relations
Emergency Task Force
Port Authority
Detective Services
Traffic Services

As soon as you join the server, scroll down and go to a chat called #Application-Process and follow the steps to get your application all written up and sent!
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Hi, My name is Carter and im here to show you a new server called SADRP( San Andreas Department RolePlay) and we are fresh on the map with 20+ people and growing..
so far we have Our very own CAD/MDT
Fully Functional chats
Great Staff team
Easy to learn 10 Codes
And many more outstanding features that you should come check out!

The main departments you can join are:
Los Santos County PD
State Troopers
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Recruitment Server Process You will join this link here ----> and from there theses are the steps you need to follow
1. Join the server and apply for the department of your choice
2. in a chat called #applications-status you will be told if you were accepted or denied
3.from there you will receive a interview (if you were accepted) which will only take about 30-45 minutes
4.From there you will be let into the main server and you will be able to RP/ get training!! Thank you for your time and i hope you consider checking out my community.
Please can i join

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Although I am not in this server I know a few of its Staff personnel really well. They are some of the nicest, helpful people I have met in GTA V RP and some even trained me. Although I am in another server I can confidently say that this is a genuine and respectable community.