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adam edwards

English Teacher
Here at SAP RP we work to make you your roleplay experience the best it can be. And we are recruiting!
We have 6 departments to choose from

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol [SAHP]
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office [BCSO]
  • San Andreas Aviation Unit [SAAU]
  • San Andreas Communications [SAC]
  • Civilian Operations
  • Bail bonds

We currently have 50+ members and we are growing daily.

Our MDT helps keep officers on the street safe and organised it has 8 departments and many sub-divisions available on it

Our partners:
multi-platform gaming community

Our LEO departments provide training session available with every scenario possible to ensure realism and professionalism

  • Our civilian departments has 6 jobs available to choose from including
  • Swagger security essentials
  • Weazel news
  • Public works San Andreas
  • Downtown cab co
  • Flywheels garage
  • Bail bonds agency

Our roleplays are hosted in 3 different places varying every roleplay from mission row, sandy shores, Paleto bay all using modded/custom maps

  • Xbox one / Xbox live
  • Fluent English
  • Working mic
  • 14 years of age or older

Join us on discord at -
Check us out at -
Follow our social media accounts below
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