Show off your 'Professional' Snapmatics

I haven't seen many professional-like pictures on these forums, so how about we spruce up the place and post your own in this thread?
  • No self-pictures
  • No crew emblems or self-promotion
  • Do not make a vehicle a main focus
  • No photos of your murder victims
  • No genitalia
  • If you want to compliment a photo, either like it, or post your own picture along with the compliment
  • No plagiarism
It is not required, but to keep this post easy to navigate, I ask that you post the photos in a spoiler. To do so, just type
[ spoiler ] [ spoiler/ ] before & after your content, but without any spaces.

[Nugsy's edit - If you post more than two photos definitely use the spoiler tags, thanks]
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