Xbox One Sinister Crows MC (+17, Assisted Aim, Mic) (Older players welcomed)


Sinister Crows MC
Now Recruiting!

We are a newly formed roleplay/virtual Assisted Aim (AA) club on XBox One. Women and older players are welcome to join and will be treated equally. You must be +17, Mature, Have a mic and use Instagram which we have club chat and post club pics/clips on.

Many FA clubs follow a made up 1% code which means they only use Automatic Rifles (AR) and play in a certain style, we find this just to be complete nonsense. The actual 1% meaning only says that outlaw clubs live outside the law and make their own rules and has absolutely nothing to do with weapon use.

We make our own rules and do not follow the 1% code that these clubs made up. We don't care about TDM's, scorecards or K/D. We recognize it's just a game and therefore SCMC is centered more on riding, making money, attending events or hosting club events, having fun and forming long lasting friendships.

Any weapon is allowed BUT only use RPG and Sniper if it's used against you first. Any motorcycle is allowed, after all it's a motorcycle club. You are free to use jets or armed vehicles if they are first used against you.

We are teens/adults and your personal life comes before a game so we only ask that you be active atleast a couple of hours 3 or 4 days a week. We will have mandatory church on the weekend to discuss club business regarding prospects, events, hangouts and ideas from members.

Once we get enough members we will do club hangout day which will be set in invite only lobby. This hangout will consist of a ride to either strip club or a members club for some drinking and dancing then we'll have a street fight, demolition derby and then finish with a few races or whatever is decided upon by members.

EVERY member has a voice and if you are mature then you'll definitely be heard and your ideas will be discussed. If things don't work out or you're not happy then no hard feelings and we will respect that. No racism, no hate of religious or sexual preference is allowed. A sense of humor is a must after all it is a game.

Accidents do happen but no purposely killing your own crew members. Don't be that tryhard! Thanks for viewing our recruitment post and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Socialclub Prospect
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Send a message to GAMC_Profici3nt on socialclub to let me know you're interested. Serious inquiries only!

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