Suggestions and Improvements Round Up

Charles esparza

Artist of writing
I wish they would add more songs to the radio like some newer songs and maybe some screamo for channel x lol.
I wish they had more customizable things to do to our cars.
They should let us buy businesses and or stocks
Maybe be able to like become a police officer and have a cop or robber type of thing going on


Undefeated writer
Stocks were planned for online from what I understood :/ unless the press misled us again *they got so much story mode mixed with online lol*

BUT with the way people follow it for single player people would be billionaires by now...

Charles esparza

Artist of writing
True yeah if someone invested in like airemu and someone shot down one of their planes their stock would go so high and that person would sell out and becomw fucking rich

Brujo Malo

The Masterpiece
You know what would be really cool? Crew Clubhouses. Make them expensive as hell so that only active, dedicated crews will want them (say, 5 mil) and the crew leader puts up 50% of the cost, the commissioner puts up 25%, and the lieutenants put up the remaining 25% percent. This would be where heists are planned, but it could also have a dart board, billiards table, a wet bar, and a pole for stripper visits.

Also, activity-specific clothing would be nice, too. Let's say when you go to your closet, instead of having a simple "Change clothes" option, you get "assign clothes" and you can choose what outfits to wear while on missions, deathmatches, races. etc. Some golf and tennis outfits would be cool.
I wish they would have added a way to customise your weight and body shape. They muscle bound npcs AND fat npcs, why couldn't we do the same with our characters?

But I would love new hairstyles, beards and, to a lesser extent, makeup added to the game in a future dlc pack. Like a big beard or long goatee of different colours, and hair like an afro or mohawk like they had in san andreas.
They should make a drag race and be able to choose between automatic or manual transmission
Make your own using the creator. You wont get the auto or manaul transmission you want but at least you can have a drag race, plus you can make it however you like. You can add jumps or obstacles, the sky's the limit!

Charles esparza

Artist of writing
Im just saying for like freeroam you should still have the option of auto or manual because in real life nobody wants to drive a lambo with an automatic transmission
Oh boy. My list could go on, but I'd really like to see the arena put to some use, maybe motocross or even better, a demo derby. I don't wanna put roll cages on my cars to just roll them for fun. Maybe a figure 8 bus race too!

And the cops! SMH! I can understand getting wanted for killing white blip players, but if a red psycho can be killed for RP then the cops should consider it a favor!
And now that I'm doing a heist in SP, maybe just maybe if we ever get heist online, they could add presidential mask into the DLC because we all know that no good heist was done without presidential mask!
I wish to see ice cream parlors with a build your own sundae feature! And to make the game more real, the more snacks you eat the fatter your character gets!

In all seriousness, during a mission lobby, I'd like to see an option to choose which vehicle you'd like to start the mission with!


Respected Talker
While I know it won't happen, especially at this stage, I really think they should tone down the NPC's with Navy Seal training and being marksmen. They'll get headshots on you, firing from cover, with a regular pistol, from a hundred feet away. It's ridiculous ever since the Import/Export DLC came out.