The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List

Crew Name: Nomads Mc Aus NFFN
Social Club link: it wont let me post a link?
Leader Username: King420Yo
Crew Goals: to make this crew the best but beyond that our goal is just for people to have fun make money and enjoy being part of our MC


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Crew Name: Dirty Wound
Social Club link: (the site says im not yet in the criteria to post links. just look for the crew with a commes des garcon heart emblem.)
Leader Username: dankjeo
Contact links/emails/game names for challenges & recruitment: Message me through Social Club or email.
Crew Website: Will be made when more members are accumulated.
Crew Goals: All-Stars that can help complete missions on hard and heists with patience. Need fair and very social members that can have a good time together as a team.
Crew Name: Flash Fighters 23

Founder/Leader: biscuit07238

Xbox gamertag: biscuit07238

Goals: We are looking to build a decent sized crew but we aren't looking to have 500 members with 485 who aren't involved or are not online or able to contribute to the group. We want to know each other, not be like random strangers. We want to work together to help each others Corporations, or MC clubs, or to run Heist together and work as a team and communicate. Be friendly and supportive, help new players and become veterans who people turn to for help. And if someone is doing someone else wrong towards someone then we want to come to their defense. Sort of a modern day A-Team, who occasional get together and just goof off with our own challenges, much like the guys as Achievement Hunters came up with their own games/challenges/heist just for fun. I would rather have 35 consistent players then 200 who I only see each one maybe twice before they vanish. Feel free to contact me here, via xbox, or on the Rockstar Socialclub and sign up for the crew. We have an open enrollment going on now. We are small but with your help we can grow. We also have officer positions available for those that are really dedicated to helping the crew and/or the MC grow.
Crew Name: Equinox Holding
Leader Username: PilotStrike
Contact links/emails/game names for challenges & recruitment:
Gmail username: equinox.hld@...
XBox Live username: PilotStrike
GTA V Username: PilotStrike
Snapchat: PilotStrike

Crew Goals: The establishment of a region-wide holding company controlling the security, nightlife, weaponry, money and recreational paraphernalia of Los Santos and Blaine County.


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Crew Name: Liliths Kiss
Leader Username: CriticalFierce
Contact links/emails/game names for challenges & recruitment: Message CriticalFierce on the social club or click the "Xbox" icon on my profile.
Crew Goals: Soldier Crew, Profit Making, Firepower & Brotherhood.