PS3 The San Andreas Republic Premium Roleplay Community


The San Andreas Republic Premium Roleplay Community
By Hollywood Interactive

Hollywood Interactive
Hollywood Interactive, is a group that was created specifically for GTA V roleplaying communities. We host several role-plays on different platforms! Our most renown work being "The State of San Andreas Roleplay Community". Which was number one ranked for the Play Station 3 platform! Today however, Hollywood Interactive and all it's counterparts are branching out, we are launching a new one. Hollywood Interactive Brings To The Ps3 Roleplaying Community A Brand New Community!
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A true Role-play community, designed for role-players, by role-players. Unlike the majority of roleplays, The San Andreas Republic is not a simplistic Community with Role-play thrown in to fill the open spaces but instead has been purpose designed by a team of experienced role-players to bring you the absolute best and most immersive role-play ever constructed for the Play Station 3 Roleplaying Community.

We don't 'encourage' role-play, we live role-play.

The land of opportunities, where dreams become reality. Enter a realistic world where you can be anyone. Fancy starting your own business, and making a go at the riches? Or maybe you think you've got what it takes to protect the city and uphold the law. Is the pull of the criminal underworld beckoning you? Play what you want, when you want. The only limit is your imagination. Every interaction you make affects the world, and players around you.

The requirements of each player to stay as true to their character is increased tenfold. As such you can be ensured immersion, where your story helps develop your character as well as those you interact with. We provide the foundation for groups to get organized. Everything from gangs controlling the gun and drug trades, to taxi companies getting civilians moving. Stake a claim in the world buying properties that only you own, from residential to industrial, all serving different purposes.

Make use of the entire map with jobs and activities supported throughout.
From mechanics to emergency services, from Los Santos Police to Downtown Cab, you will be able to choose from any of these and many more government and non-government factions to fulfill your desire. Throw yourself into a hurricane of unforeseen roleplay possibilities and experiences!

We like to think we create a realistic mindset in this roleplay. People can get a job, earn a living. The whole works of it while also having fun and creating complex and amazing story lines & scenarios!

Those of you new to the roleplaying word can also receive valuable roleplaying experience and lessons here!

We are a community established on working together to bring fun for everyone!
Staff of Hollywood Interactive

Staff Opportunities
Due to the new nature of the community, we need staff! Positions are currently open and we would love to have you apply!
"Join the team, be the community!"

Join the Community

Our community operators on a Forum & Discord, to join simply join the Discord. Please be advised upon clicking this link you agree to the following: You'll be evaluated upon entrance into the community to preserve quality of roleplay and at any giving time if you are deemed unfit your entrance may be rejected.
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