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  • Hosting Real Life Roleplay every wednesday and saturday.. 4 RP Events a week total. + Others. Msg Steadfast1661 for EU and myself 4 US
    Hosting Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay tonight on GTA V XB1. If you are interested me IG Airassault54 a msg saying Zombies. 8 pm central
    Hosting Money & RP Tonight at 830 pm msg IG AlmightyGang.. Money & RP 2moro 12/19at 230 pm central msg Ultra Eddy519 for an inv guys!
    Insaniac Gaming Hosts Real Life Roleplay 2 nights a week and we have other events going on almost daily. PM me or Check out my RP Post.
    Hosting Real Life RP for Xbox one.. UK and US Servers 16 events a month for RP minimum.. 50 or more events in total. Pm 4 details.
    Hosting Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay Tonight msg me on XBL-- 8 pm central--- Hosting RLRP Wednesday and Saturday for EU and US !!!
    Msg me on XBL.IG Airassault54 if you are interested in GTA V Zombie Apocalypse RP.. Cops VS Robbers.. Money Lobbies.. and Real Life RP
    Hosting Real Life Roleplay every Wednesday at 230pm Central 8 pm central-- Saturday 230pm Central 6pm central- HMU if your interested :)
    EU Servers for Insaniac Gaming GTA V Roleplay.. Is officially up. If you play XB1 and you live in Europe / UK msg Bloodshotz 666
    If you guys are free for Halloween night. We are hosting an event for Zombies and Costume Contest for xbox one players. Hmu on XBL
    Hosting Real Life Roleplay every wednesday at 8 pm central.. Saturday at 6pm-- We are starting up EU Servers msg me 4 details!!
    We are starting up our first EU Roleplay event on Thursday at 8pm BST-- Hope to see every 1 there. RP Every wednesday and saturday!!
    Hey i am down for rp today but i dont get off work till 5 or 6 and my descord name is BMWmtree#3552 hit me up with the details


    Roleplay Experience= 3 Mo's

    Availability= Weekdays (Mon-thurdays 6pm-1am), Weekends (friday-sunday 5pm- atleast 1am)

    Timezone=usa (EST)

    Previous Clans or crews= Yes but they are not serious
    Insaniac Gaming will officially be starting up EU Servers for Roleplay & Money RP Events. November 1st is the first event. C u There
    Insaniac Gaming is proud to start offering EU servers for Roleplay and our other events. Check out the Roleplay section for more info!
    Insaniac Gaming will be offering Xbox One Roleplays and events now to Europe. So check out our Roleplay post or msg me on XBL
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