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    Xbox One Money making crew! spizzys regulators.

    I normally do but then you miss out on the high demand bonus
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    Xbox One Earn while AFK (we still can)

    I'm new here so idk if this has already been posted somewhere else but you can still AFK you just do it in your nightclub. Same thing make sure your idle notifications are turned off in settings and go on your nightclub security cameras. Doesn't matter if your controller turns off I've been AFK...
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    The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List

    Crew name: spizzys regulators Social club: Leader: jspizzy6317 Money grinding crew that likes to clean house on griefers. Rules: never go after anyone's cargo for any reason. no crew killing for business battles. First one there...
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    Xbox One Money making crew! spizzys regulators.

    Looking for active money grinders to join my crew. We need people who like to make money and help protect others while they do the same. Preferably people who are handy in a fight as you never know when you have to take on cargo griefers.
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