Ok so I've been playing GTAV since it came out and I'm pretty well versed in it. I'm the crew leader of TFAC and we play a lot. We specialize in getting money the straight and fair way. I'm not the one to glitch or mod accounts to get ahead. I'm over lvl 670 and I'm very active. I've made a few videos on YouTube chronicling the main source of residual income for my crew. I look forward to playing with anyone who needs help and I'll befriend and add you to our crew if you meet our criteria.

Happy Hunting from your the leader of the Filthy Animal Crew
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The originator of the Unlimited Dubsta Spawn and home to the crew who have revolutionized the way dubstas are farmed and used for a source of income.

18+, Mic, Access to R* acct, any walk of life, no bigots/racists/stupid fucks allowed. We are very active and growing!


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