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  1. HordeDragon666

    Horde Bandits MC

    Hello everyone that is reading this I am the founding member and President of Horde Bandits MC crew and I am wanting to get back into GTA online but also want to expand my friends list on both XB1 and PC. I have a discord channel up and running along with the crew RSSC page, attached is the...
  2. HordeDragon666


    I am HordeDragon666 I am the crew leader of Horde Bandits and a member of C U Next Thursdays, my crew is across all platforms but predominantly on Xbox One I do live streams when I can on PC and occasionally on Xbox One, C U Next Thursdays are only on Xbox one and you can find them by YouTube...
  3. HordeDragon666

    Horde bandits NOW Recruiting [H666]

    Looking for more members to recruit for my crew to hang with and grow my community have a chance to join my livestream team when the crew fills up more. Crew logo attached
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