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  1. Nugsy 1

    Xbox One Restless MC's 5th Anniversary - All* Welcome

    RESTLESS MC's 5th ANNIVERSARY Founded Feb 09th 2014, Restless MC celebrates 5 years in GTA next weekend (8th - 10th Feb'). We will be celebrating throughout the weekend but on Saturday 9th we will extend the invitation to any adult with a mic. Individuals & crews are welcome to help us...
  2. Nugsy 1

    The Filthy Animal Crew : gtavcrews' Featured Crew

    So we thought it's about time we featured another crew here and several were short-listed. In the end we went with these as it's about bloody time. They've been active here for ages... Crew Leader : STN357 Congratulations...
  3. Nugsy 1

    5 years old : Happy birthday GTAV

    Title says it all. As of yesterday, the 1st October, GTAV is 5 years old and look at all us still playing it. Well that's not strictly true as I've not touched story mode in a while, but the game, Los Santos .... Yep - 5 years old!
  4. Nugsy 1

    GTA Online : After Hours - Coming July 24th

    Los Santos is a city of bright lights, long nights and dirty secrets, and they don’t come brighter, longer or dirtier than in GTA Online: After Hours. Partner with legendary impresario Tony Prince to open and operate a top shelf Nightclub featuring world-class DJ acts Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon...
  5. Nugsy 1

    GTAVCREWS FEATURED CREW : The Bloody Water Clan

    As you should all be aware by now, we are no longer doing "Crew of the Month". Instead we will be choosing a crew as a "Featured Crew". Oh and your recruitment thread is now in a lofty "stickied" spot. ________________________________________________ We asked Josh8866 a few...
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    CotM New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

    So you may be wondering what's happening with Crew of the Month? Well you can see for yourselves that it has lost interest of late. It had become a snapmatic competition which is not what it should have been. It also became bi-monthly due to forum numbers, but that never sat right ... It was...
  7. Nugsy 1

    Rockstar News New Missions, This Week's 2x $, RP & Discounts.

    NOW OVER ALL-NEW MADRAZO DISPATCH SERVICES, MICHELLI GT & CHEBUREK OUT NOW PLUS DOUBLE GTA$ & RP ON SMUGGLER'S AND GUNRUNNING SELL MISSIONS, RESEARCH BOOSTS & MORE Are you the head of an enterprising, results-driven mercenary outfit looking to expand its client base? Are you and your team...
  8. Nugsy 1

    A Good Week For GTAO : Business Week

    GTA ONLINE: BUSINESS WEEK (Now over) Southern San Andreas is rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens; whether you’re fresh off the plane at LSIA or a longstanding VIP, everyone who logs in to GTA Online this week will qualify for a state sponsored gift of GTA$250K. To keep your...
  9. Nugsy 1

    CotM The Killa Bunnies - Crew of the Month again for April/May

    We're four days in to April before this announcement but this crew didn't have to wait. were February/March's Crew of the Month, Now they're the April/May winners too! Here is their winning snap following a public vote : Many thanks again to all that took part and voted. To those that...
  10. Nugsy 1

    CotM Your vote please for Crew of the Month

    Last time we had closed voting by the staff together with each participant. This time we're going public because half of the participants are in the same group (tactical voting evasion). For the first time in a long time, it's going to be down to all gtavcrews members to vote. You will each...
  11. Nugsy 1

    CotM Crew of the Month - April / May

    We have less than a week to go on this one ... This time around I'm a bit late posting this up so your speedy entries will be appreciated. Again we're running CotM as a Themed Snapmatic Competition The theme is 'ACTION' Make of that what you will, but remember it will be judged. We want...
  12. Nugsy 1


    We at have seen a recent spate of trouble between different RP groups. This has played out here and on RP groups' Discord servers. I'm here to let you know it stops here! Stay out of each others' threads and just concentrate on your own, fair recruiting. We will no longer...
  13. Nugsy 1

    CotM The Killa Bunnies - Crew of the Month - February/March

    Sorry for the delay, but we had some major deliberation behind closed doors over this last snapmatic based CotM competition. emerged victorious as February/March's Crew of the Month 2018! Here is their winning snap : Hot convict girls who just escaped from a prison transfer after causing the...
  14. Nugsy 1

    CotM Crew of the Month - February/March

    Right then folks, there's just 2 weeks to go... This one will be awarded at the beginning of February. The winning crew will reign triumphant through to the end of March 2018. Again we're running CotM as a Themed Snapmatic Competition Last time we had a real good competition so let's get...
  15. Nugsy 1

    Welcome to our new 'Roleplay Moderator' - IG Airassault54

    Yes it's about time we had a dedicated moderator in this roleplay section. It is after all one of the busiest sections on IG Airassault54 Will now be keeping an eye on you all in this forum. As staff, you may direct roleplay specific queries his way, or mine. His RP thread is...
  16. Nugsy 1

    Rockstar News Lampadante Viseris & 2x RP & $$$ On Lester Missions!

    LAMPADATI VISERIS OUT NOW PLUS DOUBLE GTA$ & RP ON LESTER CONTACT MISSIONS We’d like to salute the population of Los Santos and Blaine County for another banner year of civic mayhem. From wild Special Vehicle Circuit and Transform Races, to illicit new revenue opportunities for your...
  17. Nugsy 1

    'Other' Created Content.

    This is where you can put your work from photoshop, video editors etc. I've just spent forever working on a 3D video intro project using the club patch and wanted a platform on which to show it off. There are no paid services on this site, so don't even ask. I won't be doing this shit for...
  18. Nugsy 1

    Rockstar News The Doomsday Heist - Coming Dec 12th

    This looks packed with new goodies, but I can't believe we got the Ardent in Gunrunning yet they'll now release a different car that turns into a submarine.
  19. Nugsy 1

    CotM Restless MC - Crew of the Month - December / January

    Following the themed snapmatic competition for this crew of the month, all staff and competitors slugged it out behind closed doors to decide the winner of December/January CotM. claimed victory for this snap : From foreground to the back : Sven (VP), Curtis, Nugsy (Pres, crouching), Howie...
  20. Nugsy 1

    Xbox One Earn while AFK (we still can)

    Xbox One users that liked to fill up on bunker supplies & go AFK while your staff make the goods may have found that it no longer works. We now time out of GTAO even when watching TV or security monitors. Worry not, we can still do it.... The problem has arisen since the latest XB1 dashboard...
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