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    Hello everyone,,

    Hello & welcome.
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    Sup guys?

    Welcome along! Me? Ah just wasting the day away, hiding from the sun.
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    Do you think GTA 6 will tone down the gore compared to RDR2?

    For sure. I think that just like in GTA5, we'll have some blood spatter and bruising but that's it .... At least as far as online goes. SP may have a bit more, such as limps & inoperative arms but I can't see loss of limbs being a GTA thing.
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    Xbox One XB1 roleplay

    Also you seem to be looking for roleplay everywhere but the roleplay section :
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    Xbox One XB1 roleplay

    With a little digging. Click on any username and it'll show their profile page. Most will have listed their gamertags / Social club names etc.
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    Xbox One Looking for a car crew

    Someone I've had some dealings with but never actually met heads a racing crew called "Sport GT Racing". His name is VIPPrimo. Whilst he is a member here, he's not around this forum now so below are links to his SC page and his crew's. Good luck. I checked and he's down to take you on if times...
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    Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

    Look at that! We have members gleaned from these pages that haven't been back here to say such good things. Thanks WolfSnipe! And I won !!!
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    GTA V player

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    Which thread do you want to keep GTA5 SARP ? This one or the West Coast one? Can't be both. I'll delete this one if no reply.
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    Show off your R* Editor / Crew videos

    A video I made over a year ago got blocked on copyright grounds. When I made it, the AC/DC track I'd used was okay to use, but the record company later changed their minds. I've now resurrected it with a different soundtrack : This isn't a R* Editor video, it's an Adobe After Effects piece.
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    Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

    Get me another prospect, this one's split!
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    Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

    I've just amended the OP to reflect the fact that we no longer require ownership of RDR2 for new recruits. This may change again in the future but until Rockstar meet our demands and make Red Dead online an enjoyable experience, we'll seldom be on it.
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    PS4 ONLY: The Perfect Crew for Heist players Old Heist and Doomsday also B2B, Noobs or Low Levels, Solo Players, AFKers, Broke players and Business ow

    You're welcome to recruit here but your spam links have been removed from your posts. Any more and you won't be so welcome. You've made 2 spam posts and got 2 warnings. Next is a ban.
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    looking for allies for a female crew

    You've dug this up from 2016. I wouldn't expect a response as the OP was also last seen here in 2016.
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    Message me on XBL & we'll go from there.

    Message me on XBL & we'll go from there.
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    PS4 How Do I Add Crew To Friend List?

    Assuming you already clicked on their SC profiles but they weren't sharing their PSN's.... You might try (in GTA) Pause > Online > Crews > My crews > (your crew) > Members. That may show PSN's and allow you to send FR's and messages. Failing that you can periodically send an in-game message to...
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    Hi I need to talk with owner

    Persh is the owner and should see this at some point. Can you give a clue to what you need? It may give a reason for Persh to PM you. Maybe I can help with something?
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    I need a crew

    What platform you on? Age? Mic?
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    New Here

    Welcome. Check out the roleplay section & hit 'em up. They may or may not come here to recruit you.
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