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  1. Hellsmercenary

    Who am i

    Sup Billy bong
  2. Hellsmercenary

    Im just uncommited..

    What platform do you play on?
  3. Hellsmercenary

    New Here

    Hey welcome to the site
  4. Hellsmercenary

    BIG problems when registering

    Who's the pleb now porsche23lap?
  5. Hellsmercenary

    Account deletion?

    Account deletion?
  6. Hellsmercenary

    Hey guys

    Lol wassup I like the emblem. Is that a turtle pig with an axe?
  7. Hellsmercenary

    Xbox One Hell's Travel Agents

    Hey, I'm picking up new members hmu if you want a new crew. My crew is aimless theres not much left for us but killing and making money.
  8. Hellsmercenary

    Introducing mysellf

    Hey would anyone one xb1 like to hang out with me? Just hmu message me on xbl h3llsmercenary if I'm busy I'll join quickly. Or I'll invite you to what I'm doing
  9. Hellsmercenary

    Xbox One If u looking for a crew my homeboy got this crew he trying to start it called 43 Gangsta Crips.

    What aiming mode do your grew run in assisted aim or free aim?
  10. Hellsmercenary

    All You Need To Know About

    Lol I'm sorry I don't RP but I do kill ppl on xb1 If you're interested lol
  11. Hellsmercenary

    New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

    Yeah it's been slow for a bit. Meaning that standing out in this couldn't take much effort lol
  12. Hellsmercenary

    Xbox One 18+ I Hand of Shadows clan Recruitment I Xbox One I Family

    You know I'll take you up on that offer. If I could may I pls get an invitation back to HOSC. I got back on gtao but my crew didn't leave they just wandered off. So I don't have anyone dedicated for me to tend too. Furthermore, I don't plan to lead my crew anyways because I don't have that kind...
  13. Hellsmercenary

    Xbox One (Adults Only) MAKO Corp.

    Awe I missed a chance at being useful.
  14. Hellsmercenary

    Greetings from the Ocean

    Lol sorry I've been busy but meaning to respond to this post. Welcome
  15. Hellsmercenary

    BIG problems when registering

  16. Hellsmercenary

    Newish returning player Hi everyone

    Sounds good, hello infe5tedneptune I'm h3llsmercenary and I'm an addict.
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