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  1. Sramana1995

    Looking for MC

    If you're on Xbox one you may join the Toramaru Bosozoku. We are a japanese style biker gang
  2. Sramana1995

    The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List

    Crew Name: Taromaru Bosozoku Social Club Link: Leader Username: Sramana95 Contact Links: Contact me here or on the Social Club (Sramana1995) Crew Website: Work in Progress Crew Goals: Having fun together riding or working for...
  3. Sramana1995

    Xbox One Toramaru Bosozoku - Biker Gang Recruiting

    Want to join a fun medium roleplaying crew of rebellious bikers? You're in the right place! This crew is just getting started so we can build up together the future of this gang! All players are welcome in our gang! A Toramaru member loves to: -Ride around all San Andreas by himself or with...
  4. Sramana1995

    Hi Guyz!

    Hi guys, I am new on this site, and I actually love it! I have been a GTA player since GTA III but I started playing online just a few days ago. I founded my new crew: Toramaru Bosozoku, a japanese style biker gang. Hope to meet lots of people and have lots of fun with all of you guys!
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