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    Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

    Well it's simple, we all get along. To "always be by yourselves" makes it sound lonely whilst none of us are by ourselves. Each other's all we need or want. It's worked well thus far.
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    Xbox One Looking for active, organized and chill crew

    The question is, what do you have to offer? Here's what we have to offer :
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    Free Mode Does Your Vehicle Define You?

    I don't know. I only have the Cerberus and accept the 9 slot thing. It's happened before with 7 slots in the facility.
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    Good Player

    I'd say a good all-rounder. One of our lads wins almost fucking everything, he's just of a competitive nature and half my age. It can get annoying. Personally I'm not into fighting. I'm far better at racing and not too bad at golf! ... Yeah, missions too.
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    Me too. It seems a long way off at 772 but I keep on RP farming.

    Me too. It seems a long way off at 772 but I keep on RP farming.
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    I’m broke, can someone please help me out?

    Gone are the days of receiving large sums from modders. Newbie's can't cheat cash (glitch) because it takes money to do so. Your only option is to work work work.... Unless you spend real money on Shark cards. This is made so much easier by joining a crew that focuses on these things. You get...
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    Free Mode Does Your Vehicle Define You?

    A full nightclub delivery requires the big truck, the smaller the delivery, the smaller and more nimble the vehicle. However if I remember correctly you're forced into a stock Speedo if you don't have a custom one? Owning these things allows you to upgrade and weaponise them, otherwise there's...
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    PC Light Military Crew [L1TE]

    I have deleted several comments and further edited your thread to not promote further arguement. Vandal Savage L1 Leave that info out (do not provoke). DonChron No further replies here.
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    PS4 How Do I Add Crew To Friend List?

    Ditto STN357 except PSN becomes gamertag.
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    Free Mode Does Your Vehicle Define You?

    6x 10 car garages = 60 slots. CEO office = 30 slots Nightclub = 31 slots + 3 delivery vehicles + Terrorbyte & Opressor MkII. Arena = 27 slots + 3 Arena Wars vehicles. Facility = 7 slots + 4 Doomsday vehicles. MC Clubhouse = 10 Bike slots. MOC = 1 slot. Special Vehicle Warehouse = 6 SV's. That's...
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    Free Mode Does Your Vehicle Define You?

    It's like you didn't even consider bikes. For a car? I have hundreds... Literally. I'm thinking my Rapid GT classic / Aston Martin V8 of yesteryear.
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    New Website Layout!

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    Regarding the names of RP groups : When you form a GTA RP group there are not many places to choose from, for instance Blaine County, Los Santos etc... To follow that its likely you'll choose either RP or Roleplay. Why then does it come as such a shock to some people when they happen across...
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    Xbox One Apocalyptic Mercenaries Are Recruiting UK BASED CREW

    May the 4th be with you.
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    Xbox One Dogfighting and Deathmatch

    The thread title's tagged XB1.
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    Show off your R* Editor / Crew videos

    None of us could before we tried. R* Editor is a powerful bit of kit. Jump in the water and learn to swim.
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    Hello but ... "Who are you"?
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    New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

    Yes. It was a long time coming for the Filthy Animals. Following my above comments on traffic, back in the day there were a lot more here daily. Those that didn't bump their threads would be off page one in no time. When we ran Crew of the Month it was big and everyone wanted it. I just want to...
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    New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

    It is. I named you because you're the recruiter for your crew. The crew would be featured, but whoever started the crew recruitment thread is their representative as far as we're concerned. Good to see you here. Don't take it that I was picking on you, just using you to point out a widespread...
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