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  1. jmr922


    seeing as no one wants to admit who they watch, here is another question. Has anyone ever gone up against or teamed up with a youtuber, I think I was in a lobby with badsport but there are so many badsports now its hard to tell.
  2. jmr922

    Xbox One Looking for active, organized and chill crew

    and what did you find ?
  3. jmr922

    Xbox One Looking for active, organized and chill crew

    I will see your mc crew and raise it with an active organised chill crew
  4. jmr922

    Xbox One Looking for active, organized and chill crew

    Put a bit of effort in make crews want to recruit you, what’s your level, what’s your specialty, time zone, when active or look in the recruiting thread and pick a winner. Good luck
  5. jmr922

    Good Player

    You and me will have to do some missions together sometime
  6. jmr922

    ANY ***** ROCKS7AR CREW *****

    Still recruiting, help me to help you, how do you do this ? by joining the crew of course. Special promotion for May there will not be a joining fee for new members and you can sign up your friends at no extra cost.
  7. jmr922

    Favorite GTA5 character

    Trevor he is nuts
  8. jmr922

    Good Player

    What defines a good player would it be 1v1, missions, racing, parkour, their level, their game wealth accrued by doing supplies import/export. ? What makes this competitive is 1v1 I am trash, racing I crash a faggio, flying if you see me in a jet dont worry I will crash before I get to you, but...
  9. jmr922

    sweatiest players ?

    who are the sweatiest players UK, USA or the rest of the world I would say USA maybe India a close second
  10. jmr922


    do you mean department of justice ? would this be roleplay ?
  11. jmr922

    What’s your favorite color toothbrush?

    whatever your using
  12. jmr922

    Anyone Else Have A Stromberg?

    in a stromberg against an oppressor you have to get them in front of you and going away from you but a good oppressor griefer will try and stay behind you, a scramjet aint bad but the same scenario get the oppressor going away. if you own a ruiner 2000 start up the CEO job fully loaded get in...
  13. jmr922

    Free Mode Does Your Vehicle Define You?

    MK2 oppressor it gets me everywhere without crashing and is one of the only things that can take on other oppressors. Karuma for heists/missions RC Bandito for trolling tryhards
  14. jmr922


    What gta youtubers do you watch, we all do it, myself its Putther and Powderpuffgirl, if hellsmercenary had one I would watch that.
  15. jmr922

    I’m broke, can someone please help me out?

    Good advice from Nugsy, you dont need shit load of cars unless thats your thing,. one trick I did as a noob was use the phone to join a quick job, if it said loading 2 of 4 etc quit and do again, doing this I was getting into finales all the time. Join a crew is a must most of the high rankers...
  16. jmr922

    PS4 How Do I Add Crew To Friend List?

    I only use the social club to manage the crew, demotes and promotes and to leave the odd message on the crew wall or remove a message left by another crew recruiting.
  17. jmr922

    PS4 How Do I Add Crew To Friend List?

    3 things I do 1) when in a lobby and I notice a crew member I click on their profile and add them as a friend. 2) when hosting a job/heist there is an option to invite crew members, I click on that and any crew members that are not already friends are added as per #1 3) Another thing to try is...
  18. jmr922

    New : gtavcrews "Featured Crews"

    I am 13 soon and mum said I can get some long pants.
  19. jmr922


    The night king is dead, there weren’t any new posts so I went through some of the other stuff trying to get some interest. I do follow a gtavcrew on Instagram thought it might be from this forum.
  20. jmr922

    PS4 Looking to forge new alliances

    so you just add people as a friend so its not like the crew leader tells all of his crew, dont kill crew ........... we have an alliance with them. isnt that the same as just adding people you play with and get on with so you add them as a friend. I dont know it might work has anyone ever done...
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