1. N.G.A JackalTaco

    N.G.A Crew looking for members!

    We are a friendly/Semi-Serious crew with currently around 10 members and growing. We offer banter, fun and of course the option to never play alone. Ranking and point structure are also something we have implimented into our crew to give members something to work towards. Not to mention we...
  2. C

    Xbox One GTA Worldwide Freemode and TDM tournaments

    This is a tournament based for anyone who plays on xbox one and is wanting to have the chance to put their combat abilities to the test. There will be two tournaments, one being a Freemode tournament and the a TDM tournament. Both tournaments will be held mid July 2017 with applicants being able...
  3. Razored Zebra

    T Last Man Battalion PMC [Recruiting]

    T Last Man Battalion is now Recruiting! "Freedom is not a right. Liberty is not a given. This city needs an iron fist to restore order. There shall be no resistance. No matter who stands in our way." — Last Man...
  4. OneShot

    Zombie and Roleplay Fanatic (IGRP)

    Moved to roleplay ;)
  5. Prenticemckiver

    Dressed 2 Kill

    Hey guys its probably weird for me to recruit new members to my crew even though we have over 700 members already. But reason being I just need a few more active users, and guys or girls who take GTA seriously. Requirements to join my crew is knowing how to roll, headshot, eat snacks, corner...
  6. BSRC_Crew_GTAV

    Bite or Slide Rallycross Racing Cre

    Bite or Slide Rallycross (PS4 Only) Crew/Gang Name: Bite Or Slide Rallycross About: I'm looking to make this crew one of the top offroad/Rallycross crews in GTAV. The crew will be participating in weekly car meets (some with other crews) and fun events which can be hosted by any new...
  7. Coley Escobar

    [Xbox One] Sons of Fear MC Is Now Recruiting! (Free Aim Only)

    The Sons of Fear Motorcycle Club is a small MC looking for new Members to Prospect! We are Good, Loyal, Dedicated Brothers. We are an Organized MC with Rank and Structure. We do everything on GTA from TDM's to Car Shows/Turf Wars/Roleplays and Church. If interested in joining contact us! Couple...
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