gtav heist

  1. PSN Kush_Scented

    Need solid players for heists

    Serious about completing heists, add my psn “kush_scented” I need to unlock everything. Insurgent, hydra, and pacific standard. Only serious PS3 gamers
  2. J

    GTA V Online Member Rally. A_Warriors_A

    A_Warriors_A signup today WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? wanna do heist's on hard with a full party? Looking for some help grabbing that cargo? Did someone Scratch your car? Did you fall over that rock now you have a grudge? Want help turning that...
  3. JaviGaijin


    Click here and Join us ----------> Overt Power now on GTA V join us today! Join our Community and gain a Family of Gamers on multiple Games! Stay Connected Youtube - Facebook -...
  4. Mentalim12

    Recruiting for crew [NEW ONE]

    hello my name in mentalim12 im looking for people to join my crew its only me for now unless some of you guys join my crew is for mainly heist's the name of my crew is Phantom Force UnReal i spend most of my time online so look for me if u want im saving for an organization for my crew to earn...
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