team deathmatch

  1. Da_iLLiNAiR

    PS4 [ ILLN ] [ PS4 ] iLLiNAiR Recruiting Players !!! NO AUTO AIM

    i L L i N A i R [ ILLN ] ps:Xps:Ops:Trps:Sq :cool: iLLiNAiR is recruiting whoever willed, active on online regularly to go make money with other members, recruit prospects ( NOT any stupid players ) and deathmatch players. iLLiNAiR is a fresh new crew I made, I made a crew before and we went...
  2. C

    Xbox One GTA Worldwide Freemode and TDM tournaments

    This is a tournament based for anyone who plays on xbox one and is wanting to have the chance to put their combat abilities to the test. There will be two tournaments, one being a Freemode tournament and the a TDM tournament. Both tournaments will be held mid July 2017 with applicants being able...
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