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Hand of Shadows clan

18+ / Xbox one

Motto: The Shadows Will Consume You

So your looking for the right crew to represent and you been doing some hard research for that right crew that suits I right? Then we are not what you're looking for we're not just a crew we're a family a brotherhood and if this is what you truly want to represent then we ask for your commitment and true loyalty to Brotherhood, However you will be removed without a blink if you show any disloyalty whatsoever so as a highly organised Family that's been going since October 2014 loyalty means allot to this family, if you do well we can see you rise to the top of the ranks and earn the up most respect of the family.

Things you should know.

First week is a trial week this will add up to 7 days being active with us and it's on you to get the 7 days complete over the course of a week or a month it's your choice (It's time to get to know your family and decide if you want in).

We have Rules so get to know them. (You'll see them once we have decided your worthy of joining us on discord)

100% active.

Inactive members are removed to keep our active member rating a 100%.

Loyalty is rewarded.

Ranks are to earned while getting them dose require you to follow a higher ranks orders and helping with the grinde being paid or not, (Family membets will always find a way to pay you for your time) you follow orders you'll be soon giving them.

Family events to be involved with (playlist, car meets ect..)

Know the family has all kinds of jobs and business so dressing the part for each role will be required.

Promotion and Demotion will go on your clan performance.

The Clan has uniforms (will be shown these once you make it in after trail week).

This Family sticks together so you should know GTA isn't all we play, so if you do so happen to want to chill with us on other game just know we are on a whole variety so if you need backup on a other game we just might have you covered.

Everyone is welcome to come join we don't need you to be over level 1000 or have a wealthy bank account it makes no difference to family it's good to have members from all backgrounds besides once you start training with us I'm sure you'll have more combatants skill then allot of other players out there and the jobs we do have decent payouts legitimately.

Have a good attitude to other members.

Not to use any glitches or mods when with other members it's a big no no.

You Must always keep this Family set as active crew.


You must have a Mic / headset as communication is most important.

You must be Active.

18+ only. (NO Kids NO Squeakers)

Have a good sense of humour - Banter is strong here.

Be a team player - team work is key here.

Follow our Rules. (There on our discord Group)

Crew - Link Here

Site - Link Here

Comment below your strength and weaknesses and why you want to join.

Like I said everyone is welcome if above age of course but this is the first place of communication. You don't comment you don't join. We only want the players who really want to be apart of the family.
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HoSc Phenom

We are a crew that has been together for almost 5 years so commitment and loyalty to us is a huge thing! We don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want our time wasted either.

We do everything GTAV has to offer from races, TDM’s, Heists to the grind of MC, CEO, Bunker and Nightclub businesses etc. We also from time to time do competitive CvC’s. (don’t worry if you aren’t normally into that stuff as we can train you up).

We also do Crew Events which can consist of the following;

- Car meets

- Role play missions

- Fun playlists where every member can pick a personal favourite mode/map.

- Special crew events (members birthdays, Halloween, Christmas etc)

So if you’re interested in joining a crew worthy of your time then hit us up


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Hosc is a fine crew. They excel in killing, racing, and companionship. Great crew, great ppl.
Many things lurk in the shadows in gta. HOSC is one of the beasts living there. I know because I'm a monster waiting to destroy you from the voids of GTA. I've seen HOSC play and I recognize them. Just like oneshot they seem normal until you fight them then you have to question what it is about gta that they know and you don't. If you want to get into the underground of gta this is your invitation. meet ppl you never imagined in Los Santos

If you think you're elite, you'll be lucky to meet they're standards, if you're looking to learn you will do well to get an invitation
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that guy
Gtao has more to offer than on the surface if you want to join old school elite. Join HOSC a subgroup of the gtao elite. If they're not for you contact oneshot. If you don't know who he is don't ask... you're done


Saw this post and I am interested

List of Strengths:
1. Can drive (well according to my game list I sure as hellp hope I can drive haha)

2. Can shoot fairly well

3. Can follow orders and can get along with uaually everyone

4. Am very peace loving and care for everyone in a group/close family enviorment


1. I have some mental issues that sometimes (not always) makes my mental state depleat on stressful days

2. I sometimes will not a complicated task explanded at least twice

Reason I am interested:

I am looking of like minded Individuals to get to know and get into exciting festivs etc.. and get my feet into actually being in a actually gta/gaming family and see where all of this takes me..

(GT Is Tyler49877 in case this goes somewhere if not oh well I tried :))


that guy
I broke my ankle my fibula and tibula but otherwise ok. I've had a lot of life changes that are opposed to what I'd like but life doesn't seem to care. I hope you a Hosc are doing well

HoSc Phenom

Damn man hope you get well soon and if ya ever need anyone to hang with you know you’re always welcome bro And yeah we’re all good man thanks


that guy
You know I'll take you up on that offer. If I could may I pls get an invitation back to HOSC. I got back on gtao but my crew didn't leave they just wandered off. So I don't have anyone dedicated for me to tend too. Furthermore, I don't plan to lead my crew anyways because I don't have that kind of time. But I do need good band of merry killers to run with. If you guys would have me back for the third time I'd be honored


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Hello, I’m interested in being a part of HOSC. My strengths are that I have high stamina, I shoot pretty well, I’m very well to get along with, and I am very cooperative. My weaknesses are that my stealth isn’t too great, my depression sometimes takes over some days, and (this isn’t really a weakness for me, but) I am very hard-of-hearing, so I communicating via mic poses quite the challenge. But text messaging works most efficiently for me. I am interested because I want to belong to something bigger than myself. This crew has an aesthetic of camaraderie and unity that is exactly what I’m looking for. I hope I am accepted!


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Recruitment currently closed as we are updating our recruitment post. But if your very much are interested contact HoSc Phenom.
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