PS4 2v2 maybe 3v3


Talking Troll
Looking for a 2v2 or 3v3 crew fight in a lobby (invite only or crew only) Message me on PS4 @ AccusedPitbull if anyone is interested.


Baron MacSpanky II
A closed session of just us, preferably 2v2. And we just fight til one side gives up or we set a total kill count for each team
As we would doing this on PS4, not PS3, much of my best players will not be involved. I know one individual who may want to get involved plus others but as you say, 3v3 max. Hit me up on PSN, porsche07lap

I won't be online until Thursday or Friday most probably. Let me know what members you have in mind you want to get involved. Here's a link to my crew REDLOCK REPUBLIC
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