PS4 Add Me Thread

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
Post your PS4 PSN's here to find friends.

This is NOT a recruiting thread. PSN's only please.


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I guess I'll go first.

If anyone wants to add me, my PS4 name is the same as my forum name. I play BO3 (especially since it's 2x cryptokey and triple play is active with Nuk3Jacked) BF4/BF1(627 hours combined) and GTA with over 1200 hours combined over 3 different accounts so yeah, pop me a friend request


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Add me. I mainly play GTA but I occasionally play MWR and Destiny from time to time! Im starting a new GTA character soon so if you're trying to help me get some levels on heist and such add me :) My PSN is sytheJ (My forum name backwards)


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PSN-true82religion -should anyone want to thrashing the hours out on gta5 online at the min...other games I play are BF4, gran turismo sport and PES18...
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