PS3 Add Me Thread


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PSN Hottracer88
And for social club and about everything get ahold me rank 164 online platnium gta v in 200 hrs . got 256 hrs online now 3.5 mil rep never glitches any of it to get it i play like i roll

Commander SnakeHead

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PSN: Sniper_SnakeHead
Send Me A Message Though Saying That You Are From GTA V Crews So I Know Who You Are,
But I Won't Accept For A While Because I Got Crappy Internet Where I Can't Play On PS3 For Now.
But When I Get It Back,
I'll Add Ya, I GotA Mic, But It's Kinda Messed Up So I Mainly Write Via Cellphone.

samuel lambert

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Can anyone help me get money on gta v please I'm tired of working and have to spent it all after I made the money then I'm back broke my pns is CUT-BOY-187
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