Xbox One California State Role-play|Open Staff Positions|Discord Developers|All Departments Open|

Hello, I'm the Founder Of CARP(California State Role-Play). Everyone here would love to see you join this awesome community! Here's some stuff about us:

Which counsel is this community on?
- Xbox 1!!! What we have to offer?

- California Highway Patrol
- Los Angeles County Sheriffs
- CHP Motorcycle Unit -
Strategic Response Unit. SRU
- Warrant Services
- Los Angeles County Fire
- California Emergency Call Center

Subdivisions (Coming Soon!!) -

- K9
- Drug Unit
- Undercover Unit
- Detective
- Stringer
- Community Services Unit
- Bails Bonds Officer


- Our CAD/MDT system allows for an awesome experience!

Friendly Staff
- We don't just issue punishments all over the place, we are very careful with our moderation! - We are open to you asking us questions, feel free to talk to us! - We train each of our staff members to be friendly in all cases, that even includes disputes against us! Built around YOU - Our server is completely built around, and for you; the user! - We are always looking to improve the server, so we accept all suggestions! Questions? Feel free to talk to us! Just join CARP Interview server, you will be interviewed ASAP!! Requirements Link - Join us now Link-

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