PS4 Clash of the Crews



A GTA Online League for Crews.
PS4 with Auto/Assisted aim.

The League:

  • Every week your crew will play a H2H (Head to Head) playlist against another crew.
  • Each week is considered 1 round. All crew H2H battles in a round will use the same playlist.
  • Each round will feature a new playlist.
  • The H2H battles are played with 6 players from each crew, the players from crews can change between the rounds.
  • The playlists consist of 3 races (non contact) and 5 combat type jobs.
  • A crews score from each round is made up of the sum of its players scores.
  • A screenshot of the final results is to be used to report the scores to the League Admin.
  • Screenshots are to be taken from each job as well. In case someone disconnects, also to show K/D and race times to use in weekly round recap.
  • First season is limited to 8 crews, additional divisions can be formed.
  • Seasons consist of 7 weeks/rounds where all crews battle each other once.




  • Enter the league by signing up at domestibatterygaming (see below)
  • Inform the organizers who your crews main planner/team leader for the league will be.
  • Each round your team leader has the responsibility to see who you are up against and to make contact.
  • Once in contact with your opponents you agree on a time for the match within the timeframe of the round. Each round lasts a week and ends Sunday 11:59 pm GMT.
  • As the host you have the responsibility to use the right playlist, run it as a H2H playlist and to set the job options according to the rules.
  • If no reply is given when contacting the other crews, or no time can be agreed on, a default time of Sunday 9pm GMT will be used.
  • If your opponents do not show up at the agreed upon time, or the default time, your crew will be given a score based on the average of the other participating crews winning scores for the round.
  • If a player gets disconnected or if your crew end up playing with less than 6 players, the missing player(s) will receive 1 point for race point jobs and the crews score for the combat point jobs (12 or 15).
  • After the match, send lann3fors on PSN screenshot of each job result and the final scoreboard as proof of your score. You can also submit your screens through domesticbatterygaming

The Details:
The Playlist for each round will be presented at the latest monday morning as a new round starts. This will give the crews the week to practice.

Scores and all information regarding "Clash of the Crews" will be presented on domesticbatterygaming and on GTAForums

Races (74 points): 15,12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1
Unless other is stated, races will be non-contact, noon, clear, no traffic, Customs ON and the default number of laps.
If by some reason a race is ran with contact make sure to race clean.
Using curbs to gain a boost is allowed when it is in you racing line, going all over the place knocking down poles and such in order to get extra boost is not allowed.
The races will cover most classes during the season and include Air and Sea races.

TDM, Kill Quota, Power Play, LTS, Drop Zone and Captures will be used. (164 points: 16,15,15,15,15,15 + 13,12,12,12,12,12)
Any LTS or Capture will be fair to only play one round.
Unless other is stated always use forced weapons and pick ups, no helmets are allowed, no calling Lester in any jobs and play one (1) round on all jobs.

No outfits with missing bodyparts is allowed.

Team outfits are encouraged.
Pre-playlist meetup in a 2 crew lobby is encouraged.
$10 000 stakes in the H2H playlist settings are encouraged.

Anyone not following the rules can have points removed, get banned or if it continues get the crew banned.



To sign up please post a few words about your crew in the Clash of the Crews section at and add your crews Rockstar Social Club (RSC) link along with a RSC link to your crews contact (team leader) for the league.
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I want to join!!! :( If theres any crew that needs someone on for TDM send me a PSN text (mah1800)
Unfortunately whilst this looked a good idea, if you click on the OP's username you'll see he was last seen here in December.
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