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So I just got out of my company combative and descalation class. Is it wrong now that the only thing I learned was that I can easily kill my instructor and the class with my bear paws?
A snapshot of my day.
Instructor: ok someone comes up behind you and tries to choke you
me: easy hip toss and if that doesn't work eye gouge like you're trying to finger fuck thier brain.
Instructor: shocked look... no.. demonstrates some nonsense.. that's how.
Me: ok
instructor: ok sneak up and choke your partner.
Me: I seized my partner quickly with a blood choke
Instructor: NO NO NO we're not choking like that!
Me: but.. well, that's how i choke ppl. Can you show me how you want me to choke ppl?
Instructor: ok. Then demonstrates a sophomoric way to choke.

Im done..

Im certain igairassualt can relate lol! My co workers are weak af.
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