Xbox One Coming out of retirement with 5 years experience but have a problem

Evil Wolf Snipe

English Teacher
I am UK based but I tend to be up all night and sleep during the day I am a player aged 40 I also have Discord and a mic.

Looking for an MC in GTA that also plays RDR2

I live alone and have no family commitments just work related stuff mainly and other commitments I have to keep.

I joined Reaper Lords MC in 2015 and was honoured to be a patch member for 3 years but I had to leave for work commitments I couldn't give the MC the attention and the respect and commitment it deserved and I retired after 3 years. my friend in Banished Breed knowing of my situation and why I retired drove me mad to join Banished breed MC and they were a great MC I was patch member for 2 years but sadly I left the crew after an argument with another patch member couldn't be resolved and I left. I retired after that.

I have hung around with friends rode bikes and just chilled out also played RDR2 where I created a chill out posse where re do nothing but fish play poker and help eachother with supplies we dont do any pvp events.

so heres the small problem I am having. I would like to come out of MC retirement I can be active and I can be committed but I do have other commitments which would most of the time prevent me from going to church biker MC's hold and I have been told if I cant attend Church then I cant ever leave prospect and that would be a problem right there. also I am training to be a bus driver which requires me to work 24 hours around the clock. a shift could start at 4am uk time and it could finish at 4am time.

if you are happy to look past these problems and want someone with 5 years experience who has held ranks of Road Captain and Enforcer hit me up on XBOX Gamer Tag Evil Wolf Snipe lets arrange a sit down. My bike colours are mostly red & black best combo out there.
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Rocks7ar Crew Leader
Can only be one crew for you welcome to Rocks7ar MC

only joking it has got to be Restless MC
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