ANY Competitive Weekends!


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Every weekend we'll be proudly hosting a chatroom and pages that will connect crews or members to each other for quick fun and competitive matches.

    1. Example: *chat message*My crew is looking to challenge another crew in any LTS map add persht to set-up. On for the next few hours.
    2. Example: *chat message*Looking for a tennis match all weekend. Add persht.
Chat messages will be cleared every Monday, so that there is no confusion.

NOTE: This will not interfere with anyone's event plans for their personal crews. The matches are made on the spot or at random. It's technically a weekly event, but is not mandatory and I will gladly advertise crew events during these chat sessions.

Chatroom also embedded here.

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Yeah I haven't promoted as heavily as I should due to my crazy job lol. In combination with the ladders I will be pushing it this weekend :)
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everytime i go to that first link posted, it asks me to sign in and when i do ,then i cant get back to that chat.... any help?


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PS4 Players (8 Members all active regularly) always looking for a good game with large amounts of players, any competition is also welcome as always love a bit of competitive banter ;)

PSN: Jojoba_Jack

IG Airassault54

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Haha this is pretty funny that i posted that in there and u screenshotted me in it. I was just starting on the site lol xD
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