PC Corrupt Chiefs (PC) 16+ [RECRUITING]. Discord + Mic **REQUIRED**


About us: We are the Corrupt Chiefs. We started August 28th of 2018. CCLM is not like other clubs in the community. We are very different. Most would ask how, the reason we are different is because we have and follow our own code. We're not traditional like majority of the clubs. Our Prospects are not treated as trash. Each and every single Patch and Prospect is valuable even at the lowest of the hierarchy. Sure we may order them to do things but we are not cruel to our own. You mess with us and we'll finish you off. We don't start trouble, we END it.

CCLM Patch.png

What we offer:

  • A chance to improve your Skills
  • Friendly, Relaxed, Reliable and active club
  • Events, Activities and Roleplay
  • Assistance in Heist, Business, Bunker, & Nightclub
  • Mature gaming environment
  • Family
  • Assistance to new comers as well
  • Most Flexible MC there is

What we are looking for in a member:

  • Loyalty
  • Friendly
  • Supportive

How to join?
If you wish to join post down below your:

Social Club Link:


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