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Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
It must be hosted on social club. This rules out photoshopping. You can do what your console/platform allows before uploading to social club (unless PC guys have a way of cheating that).

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Speed typer
Bunch of trannies escaping at the same time to make their operation appointment LOL
Eww, that's an offensive word.

GTAO really does need to make the female body more feminine looking though ffs. Also would be nice if our skin didn't look like sand paper.
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Talking Troll
ImperialSith66 Mafia/imperial based crew. Supply and demand. You have a demand, we supply. We do not discriminate with people or businesses and we have fun doing it. We did donuts in golf carts that was fun. But we respect as well. If you come into my business or home you are a guest just as if I come into your home or business I am a guest. Enjoy my drink, enjoy my food, and enjoy my money. We help you to get what you need and to move up in Los santos. And let me know if you want a dancer and I will call one up. Salud me familia.

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