Xbox One Crew Vs Crew


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Looking for someone to Crew Vs My Crew, 4v4.
Gamer tag On Xbox One: batboy551
Hit me up and well make a schedule for it.


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Hey man for sure let's set this up my crew would love to we can do 4vs 4 but also more can you do 6vs 6 8vs 8 or even 12 vs 12

TK Legend 0027

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Your the most enthusiastic one I met so far. I'm trying to make a leagueI found out in searching that there's already one on PlayStation. that's another story. Look for Stevon Canada on Facebook. There is a group with a few crew leaders on it. We all have the same or similar ideas. Custom games large sessions. Id like them to find this site as well. I've been looking for crews for a league for months.

the FaceBook group is GTAO Crew Battles/League.

Look for Stevon Canada if you cant find it.
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