Deathmatch Request Thread


Speed typer
Darnit. I love my xbox to much :( I still think your cool even though u do PS4. That would be cool if the maps would work cross platform.. Its like why the heck can XBL and PS just cross platform that stuff.
Ik, it might be possible with glitches, but I have no clue.


Baron MacSpanky II
i would love to but i cant type links apparently even tho its 1/5 comments
That's because you need a like and I also believe you'll need to have been a member for longer than 24 hours if that doesn't work, I'm not sure of the full requirements, I joined like a year ago.

Here, I gave you a like to get started.

Nugsy 1

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^ they are the requirements but the automated system can take longer to update your status, so after 24 hrs and a like, it could be that you still can't post links. It will come though.
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