Do you understand the meaning and jokes of GTA as a whole?


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We all know the disclaimer Rockstar puts in all their games nowadays. You know, the "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental" disclaimer?

Well it is obvious to anyone who actually pays attention to the game and the people who have had a hand in creating it knows that this disclaimer is complete bullshit. Every major and minor character looks their voice actor or resembles someone famous in America.

But one I have noticed is that people do not understand that GTA is literally a parody of our lives as Americans. As a future game designer, I have to look at the little things in the game. I look at the house, I look at the billboards, I listen to the small things the NPCs say, I listen closely to the commercials in game, I even watch TV in game. Watching TV while I'm watching TV lol. FIB is the FBI, the IAA is the CIA.

Gamers I meet of GTA don't appreciate the little things that make GTA so great. They especially in this game take jabs at the Californian lifestyle, which seem so offsetting to a normal Californian that they don't associate it with themselves, but it is so true. They named the cities Michael and Trevor are from, Ludendorf.

This is obviously set in the state of Wisconsin (North Yankton). Ludendorff is the name of the general who came up with the two front war tactic for Germany in WW2 (Hurry and defeat Russia, then go and help Soldiers fighting the Allies in France.) Wisconsin is known for it's German background and is usually called "Germany without the bad past". When I first read the word Ludendorff, in a vast snowy landscape that is Wisconsin, I laugh my fucking ass off. No body else literally gets this.

GTA takes jabs at so many cultures and lifestyles and it so clever and funny and no one understands it because they are are too busy trying kill everything to notice.

So do you notice the little things in video games?



This excludes the bad guys. I am talking about heist members and people you can do side missions for (excluding Lester). My favorite is Lamar and Packie. I fucking love those guys.


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I'd have to go with Lamar and lmfao. You got it right. GTA takes a jab at EVERYTHING. Even the flipping cars.
Listening to the conversations the npcs have can be pretty fun too. I don't think everyone appreciates as much as they should. It's a really goofy game lol.


This is why GTA has been, and will always be my favorite game. I also like how they incorporate movies and shows into the series (ex: "Scarface" and "Miami Vice" in Vice City).

To answer your question, I'm gonna hop on the Lamar bandwagon all day!

Fav quote: "That n**** got da baby dick" -Lamar
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