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Five-0 Task Force





The Five-0 Task Force is a GTA Online Government Task Force based on the TV Show, Hawaii Five-0.

The Task Force was assembled with immunity and means with jurisdiction over terrorism, and high risk incidents on the island of San Andreas.

The primary function of Five-0 is to provide a rapid specialized response in:

- Terrorism or politically motivated violence
- Sieges and hostage situations
- Armed offender incidents
- Hijacking operations
- Capture of highly dangerous suspects
- Undertaking searches of premises in high risk situations
- Bomb related incidents
- Chemical, biological, and/or radiological incidents
- High risk escorts
- Covert surveillance or reconnaissance beyond the scope of operational police

The Five-0 Task Force works closely with local law enforcement, government agencies, and armed forces - regularly conducting combined training and executing joint operations.

The Task Force is mainly built up of former military, former law enforcement, and former government agency personnel.
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