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Crew Name
Flammeus Infernus


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Flammeus Infernus operates primarily out of North American (EST) time zones.​

History & Mission Statement

Flammeus Infernus is a veteran GTA Online organization with qualitative value looking for new prospecting members. The crew was founded since GTA Online's beginning on PS3 and we have since moved to the PC platform. We offer our experience to newcomers and more experienced players alike. We do everything from heists, to grinding businesses to golf games. Completely dynamic, changing it up and doing different activities. Character presence in Flammeus is of the utmost importance and we want that reflected in the way members play. We offer the knowledge of years of GTA Online experience and excellence that we can pass on to you to become the best GTA Online player you can be and provide the most fun during your time in Los Santos. Flammeus Infernus is looking for the absolute best of the best when it comes to player demeanor and personability. We are not looking for digital loungers. We are looking for GTA Online players and true gamers.

Ideal members:

• Love the game as much as we do.
• Want to develop a proper rapport and participate in activities exclusively with Crew members
• Are dedicated to the game with a true passion for GTA and GTA Online that also want to play with a sense of pacing. You need to learn how to walk before you can run.
• Conscious of their character and reflect that through thoughtful application of outfits, vehicles, assets, etc.
• Proactive and willing to build skill and capability with time in areas of weakness.
• Participate in a range of different game modes.

Do not waste our time if:

• You like going it solo and feel it's fine to do major activities such as heists without your crew.
• Often you jump the gun, are impatient. IE: Playing heists from the get-go. That is frowned upon here.
• Your idea of a heist outfit is a Pogo Mask, Hoodie and Jeans.
• Your gaming history consists exclusively of 10+ years of World of Warcraft or something to that equivalent.
• Your schedule doesn't allow you to play predominantly in the evening or if you don't have weekends off.

What we offer:

• Seasoned Leadership; wealth of game knowledge - Proper guidance and pacing for new or relatively new players
• Immersive atmosphere, character presence and heightened fun-factor
• Friendly environment to be in and make $GTA
• Help making money, learning how to play and be a better GTA Online player
• Regularly scheduled events
• Custom PVE Jobs and Races - Survivals, Air Races, Land Races
• High End PVE Content; Heists

In order to become a member, you will need:

• A genuine interest in playing GTA Online
• A Working microphone and Discord account
• Patience
• Ability to follow simple instructions
• Custom, saved outfits plus signature business/casual outfit - Character presence is very important

Below are some of the events we run in Flammeus Infernus

Heist Marathon


Both normal heists and Heist Marathon is scheduled for the PVE enthusiasts who enjoy the best GTA Online has to offer.

Retro Nights


For fans of Vice City or lovers of 80s Nostalgia.

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