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Hello everyone!!

I am the creator of the original Gangsta Kitties mafia game that was popular on Facebook a few years ago. Anyone remember the catnip heist??? lol

Anyway, I recently started playing GTA online only a month ago and the very first thing I noticed was how many a-holes there are in the game. Griefers, TryHards & Jerks In General (JIGS?) seem out to ruin the game for everyone, and many players have left for greener pastures. So I joined this forum to meet some friendlies and maybe be able to play a session for fun for a change.

The money grind is already enough of an uphill battle without fending off griefers like they are mosquitos in the swamp of Los Santos!!

More about me: I'm a senior member & moderator of several webmaster forums and I like creating websites, collecting music (yes, I collect it, not just listen to it) and I'm probably the oldest person on here at 52. I've been playing video games since the 70's (starting with Pong!) and at one point I owned every Atari game ever made. I currently have a games room in my house with over 3000 games, plus pinball machine, air hockey & even a claw machine! Yes, I'm obsessed :)

Looking to network with anyone having the same interests.

Okee Dokee.

Asmodeus is my username at most places online, but there was already one at the social club, so I am AsmodeusGOF there. I'm not permitted to tell you what GOF means

Enjoy your day!

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